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  • The FIBA 3x3 World Serie arrives in Montreal for the very first time. Aiming to introduce Montrealers to 3x3, the tournament is part of an urban festival. Various activities such as dance, arcades games and performances will be offered to the public. Nevertheless, it is on the field that the real show will take place. The best teams in the world will be in action.

  • The B3 Montreal Festival is also partnering with FIBA to offer young players an opportunity to discover the sport with professional athletes. Various 3x3 basketball clinics will allow young player from all backgrounds to familiarize themselves with the sport and benefit from the advice of athletes from the World Tour circuit.

  • The competition site will be located on a parking lot at the foot of the Jacques-Cartier Bridge, a city icon. Illuminated in the evening, the bridge will offer a magnificent view to all.

  • The place of women is an important issue for the organizing committee. Led by a female president, one of the organization's long-term objectives is to develop the women's 3x3 basketball component and make it a competition with a similar deployment to the World Tour.